econverter rapid eye econverter 1.2
application for windows 95/98/me/xp/nt/2000

this software is free for non-comercial use. if you would like to distribute it, please read the 'distribution' section.

the rapic eye econverter converts everything: us, british, european, and metric measures, speeds, temperatures, shoe sizes, and much more. freeware without nag-screens and annoying messages.

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the complete list includes:

common conversions
millimetre (mm), inch (in.), centimetre (cm), foot (ft.), metre (m), yard (yd.), kilometre (km), (statute) mile (mi.), litre (l), gallon u.s. (gal), gramme (g), ounce (oz. av.), kilogramme (kg), pound (lb.), celsius (°c), fahrenheit (°f)

linear measures - metric
micrometre (µm), millimetre (mm), centimetre (cm), dezimetre (dm), metre (m), dekametre (dam), hectometre (hm), kilometre (km), light year (lj)

linear measures - british and u.s.
mil u.s., inch (in.), hand u.s., link u.s. (li., l.), foot (ft.), yard (yd.), rod (rd.), pole (p.), perch (p.), chain (ch.), furlong (fur.), (statute) mile (mi.), league

linear nautical measures - british and u.s.
fathom (fm.), cable('s) (length) british, cable('s) (length) u.s., nautical/sea mile british, sea league british, international nautical/sea mile

square measures - metric
square millimetre (mm²), square centimetre (cm²), square dezimetre (dm²), square metre (m²), are (a), hektar (ha), square kilometre (km²), square kilometre (km²)

square measures - british and u.s.
circular mil, circular inch, square inch (sq. in.), square foot (sq. ft.), square yard (sq. yd.), square rod (sq. rd.), square chain u.s. (sq. ch.), rood british (ro.), acre (a.), square mile (sq. mi.)

cubic measures - metric
cubic millimetre (mm³), cubic centimetre (cm³), centilitre (cl), dezilitre (dl), cubic dezimetre (dm³), litre (l), hectolitre (hl), cubic metre (m³)

cubic measures - british and u.s.
cubic inch (cu. in.), board foot u.s., cubic foot (cu. ft.), cubic yard (cu. yd.), cord u.s. (cd.), register ton (reg. tn.)

dry and liquid measures of capacity - british
gill (gi., gl.), pint (pt.), quart (qt.), gallon ((imp.) gal.)

dry measures of capacity - british
peck (pk.), bushel (bu., bsh.), quarter (qr.)

liquid measure of capacity - british
barrel beer (bbl., bl.), barrel petroleum (bbl., bl.)

dry measures of capacity u.s.
dry pint, dry quart, peck, bushel, dry barrel (bl.)

liquid measures of capacity u.s.
liquid gill (liq. gi.), liquid pint (liq. pt.), liquid quart (liq. qt.), gallon (gal), barrel (bl.), barrel petroleum

apothecaries' fluid measures - british
minim (min., m.), fluid drachm (dr. fl.), fluid ounce (oz. fl.), pint (pt.)

apothecaries' fluid measures - u.s.
minim (min., m.), fluid dram (dr. fl.), liquid ounce (oz. liq.), (liquid) pint (pt. liq.)

mass measures - metric
milligramme (mg), centigramme (cg), dezigramme (dg), carat (kt), gramme (g), dekagramme (dag), hectogramme (hg), kilogramme (kg), (metric) hundredweight (cwt.), deziton (dt), quintal, ton (t)

avoirdupois weights - british and u.s.
grain (gr.), drachm/dram (dr. av.), ounce (oz. av.), pound (lb.), stone british (st.), quarter british (qr.), quarter u.s. (qr.), cental british, hundredweight, short u.s. (cwt. sh.), hundredweight, long british (cwt. l.), ton, short u.s. (tn. sh.), ton, long british (tn. l.),

troy and apothecaries' weight - british and u.s.
grain (gr.), scruple (s. ap.), pennyweight (dwt.), dra(ch)m (dr. t., dr. ap.), ounce (oz. tr., oz. ap.), pound (lb. t., lb. tr., lb. ap.)

horse powers (hp), kilowatt (kw)

calorie (cal), kilocalorie (kcal), joule (j)

clothing and shoe sizes
ladieswear metric/german, ladieswear us/uk, menswear metric/german, menswear us/uk, shirts (neck size) metric/german, shirts (neck size) us/uk, ladies' shoes metric/german, ladies' shoes us/uk, men's shoes metric/german, men's shoes us/uk

computer memory
bit, byte, kilobit (kbit), kilobyte (kb), megabit (mbit), megabyte (mb), gigabit (gbit), gigabyte (gb), terabit (tbit), terabyte (tb)

computer speed
herz (hz), kiloherz (khz), megaherz (mhz), gigaherz (ghz), teraherz (thz)

meters per second (m/s), kilometers per hour (km/h), miles per hour (mi/h), knots (kn)

celsius (°c), fahrenheit (°f)

micro second (ms), tick, second (s), minute (min), hour (h), day (d), week, month, year, decade, century, millennium

to convert something, simply select the corresponding source and destination unit. for fast access to the most needed units, use the 'common conversions' on the top of the list. if you use one as source unit, the appropriate destination unit is selected automatically. this works also vice-versa.
for all other conversions, select the source and destination units, and enter the number.

the original archive contains the following files:
'econverter.exe' (458.752 bytes)
'readme.txt' (7.139 bytes)
'file_id.diz' (297 bytes)
'desc.sdi' (297 bytes)

hard- and software requirements
'econverter.exe' and the other files together need approximately 450 kb of hard disk space.
windows 95/98/me/xp, windows nt 4.0, windows 2000, or better is required.

1. copy the 'econverter.exe' file in any directory on your hard disk.
2. create a short cut on your desktop which points to the 'econverter.exe' file.
3. to convert something, simply double click onto the econverter desktop icon.

the software is provided as is without warranty of any kind. to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, rapid eye further disclaims all warranties, including without limitation any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and noninfringement. the entire risk arising out of the use or performance of the product and documentation remains with recipient. to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall rapid eye be liable for any consequential, incidental, direct, indirect, special, punitive, or other damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or other pecuniary loss) arising out of this agreement or the use of or inability to use the product, even if rapid eye has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

the software may be freely distributed provided that it is not modified and the original archive remains intact with all accompanying files, and provided that no fee is charged (except for any reasonable fees necessary to cover costs of distribution media). should a fee be charged or any of the distribution package need to be modified you must contact rapid eye for explicit written permission.

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